Who are your inspirations--name your YLF style twins and style idols!

I thought this would be another super fun thread. I find everyone's WIW posts fascinating and so helpful in my style journey. There are really too many to name everyone and I am thankful for everyone here at YLF because I have learned so much from all of you. But Sona's style twin thread got me thinking, and wondering who you all feel a kinship to and are most inspired by on YLF?

So, please tell (you can name one, or up to three people in each category):
1. Who is your style twin--who dresses the most like you, and why?
2. Who is your style idol--whose style do you aspire to/who do you consider to be your style mentor?
3. Who are you curious about and would like to see post more WIW's?
4. Who has a style very different from yours but who you find fascinating?

Here are my answers:
1. MaryK--patterns, bright colors, ALGO, blouses & pencil skirts, bombshell; Sona--both apples and doctor moms; Kari--bright colors and patterns, specs
2. MaryK--I totally want to copy everything she wears, even her bee blouse :); lyn*--I love her style and seeing her posts convinced me to join YLF!; and Angie--of course :)
3. Fruitful (ever since she posted herself in a plaid mini like mine!), Hillview (I dragged her over here from my mommy board and she's even more of a shopper than I am...I know she's got some fabulous stuff in her closet!), and ironkurtin (she posts/repies a lot and is quite insightful, but I never see her post her own WIW's!)
4. Annagybe, alaskagirl, and Andrea Wheatley--I'm fascinated by RATE queens since I'm so polished (ever since I tried Una's RATE challenge)!

Looking forward to seeing who else you all come up with!


What is your worst/best/most distinctive feature?

Just for fun--what is the feature you dislike the most or try hardest to hide? What is your best feature? And what is your most distinctive, and do you like it or not?
Also, I'm going to guess that your most hated feature is something that others here don't even notice or think is a problem! ;)

Here are mine to start:
1. I think I'm most self-conscious about my tummy since I'm an apple now post-kids. I'm not fat, but I have to be careful about what I wear to avoid muffin top.
2. My best feature is my long straight hair. I don't do anything to style it, not even blow drying, which is probably why it's pretty healthy and shiny. Sometimes I wish I had full bodied curls or waves, but I think that would require a lot more upkeep and I don't have the patience for that.
3. My most distinctive feature are my specs (does that count?) since I wear them all the time. I have one red pair and one brown pair that I like a lot, and I'll wear them even with dresses. I sometimes think I look funny now if I wear contacts because I'm so used to glasses!


WIW: New haircut and my signature outfit

Today I went to get a haircut for the first time in over a year since I donated my hair to Locks of Love last June. I did a colonoscopy recently on a hairdresser and she convinced me to come see her to get my hair cut. I think she did a good job...I was there for over an hour while she was fussing over my hair. Definitely nicer than my usual Supercuts! She cut a tiny bit of bangs too (I know some of you guys were suggesting that). She kept it fairly long and added some face-framing layers. What do you guys think? I know it probably doesn't look that different to you in the picture, but it feels so much more like a real hairstyle compared to before. But it's still wash and go which is great.

I wore my favorite signature "demure bombshell" outfit from my profile pic to work (Hinge blouse, Lafayette 148 skirt, red Clarks pumps)--I don't think I've posted it as an actual WIW before. Tonight DH and I went on a sunset cruise on the bay. It was a physician networking event for work that I had to go to, so I wanted to dress nicely (I hate schmoozing, but it's important for my job to do this once in a while). I wore the KS ruffle trench on top since it was chilly. I asked DH to take a pic of me and he sighed and said, "You're so irritating." But he took one and it came out nicely (so much better than the pics I take of myself in the mirror), so it's worth annoying him to have a nice pic of my new haircut and fave outfit, right? :) And here's a couple of bonus GG bridge shots that DH took from the boat.


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