Ask Angie: What are the key elements of Bombshell style?

Sorry for the style persona identity crisis--I thought I had figured it out and that I was a Demure Bombshell but maybe I am not using the term bombshell correctly because many of you don't think my style is really bombshell? What are the key elements of Bombshell style--not necessarily looking like a bombshell (because I know I don't have a bombshell figure), but the bombshell style of dressing? I had based this on when I read the Lucky Guide to Mastering any Style and resonated with the bombshell section (like form fitting blouses tucked into high waisted pencil skirts, waist definition, etc), but I had checked it out of the library, so I don't have it available to re-read the components. How would you describe my style if I am not really bombshell? Am I really a Modern Classic? That term just doesn't feel like "me" to me and it doesn't inspire me to create outfits like DB does.

I would love to know what you think constitutes Bombshell style because I am thoroughly confused. Thanks so much! :)

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  • Queen Mum replied 7 years ago

    I'm just curious as to why a label is tripping you up so much. Isn't a rose by any other name just as sweet? I guess I don't get why it matters what you or any one else labels your style, if you know what you like and have built a cohesive wardrobe, then there you go.
    Don't let yourself lose sight of the first rule of fashion.. have fun! Getting all in a dither about the style label is going to distract you from that. Enjoy your beautiful wardrobe and wear it in confidence ;-) ((hugs))

  • goldenpig replied 7 years ago

    QM--I guess I am very analytical by nature. When I started getting interested in UWP style I loved how Una, Rae and all the others could break it down and list what they thought were the key elements in their style which helps me see which aspects I could incorporate into my own style. ( And I'd like to do the same and analyze what Bombshell really means, not because I really want to be a bombshell or dress like a caricature or anything, but it helps me see what elements of bombshell I have in my style, which is my own unique blend of influences. I also don't like using terms incorrectly so I want to make sure I am on the right track in knowing what Bombshell means. And yes, I am having fun--this in-depth analysis of terms IS actually a lot of fun for me! :) I love all of Angie's style persona posts!

  • mrseccentric replied 7 years ago

    Queen puts it beautifully!
    If "db" helps u and u like it, why worry?
    U always look great!

  • HelenInCanada replied 7 years ago

    Not Angie, but just wanted to pipe in to say I've been observing the narrative here, Natalie, and I want to reassure you that only a TINY minority of members mentioned that the first word upon seeing your style wouldn't be 'bombshell' - and with near certainty I say it's because their interpretation of the word includes big boobs, hips, and butts. You are very fine-boned, so their initial understanding of the word didn't mesh with your naturally delicate vibe and body shape. But from a purely visual detailed standpoint, your tastes DO reflect the bombshell shapely cuts and femininity. It's simply a misinterpretation, IMHO! And let us not forget Demure, which is key also! *Hugs*

  • mrseccentric replied 7 years ago

    2 me bombshell means what it says - 1 sleek shape, 1 explosive purpose, everybody notices! I think it gets used more ironically a lot these days, also people have different associations.

    Natalie to me ur style is very femme, ladylike, luxe.......also ur use of color, textures, pattern unique and beautiful.

    I would b surprised if u find 2 words that encompass your total style.

    Sry on fone. Steph

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Natalie, I'm going to get back to you on your other thread first so that there is continuity in my thinking :)

    (Coming up with a set of Bombshell style indicators was the point of my original thread yesterday).

  • shipskitty replied 7 years ago

    Natalie - just a few thoughts i've had while reading your threads.

    I think all that matters is that YOU (and maybe others here who know you) understand what YOU mean by Demure Bombshell.

    I'm describing my style as Structured Bohemian. I'm sure nobody in the world will get that - I couldn't say to a shop assistant - "I'm looking for something that will suit my Structured Bohemian style" because they'd just think I was crazy.

    And that is true of Una and others who favour UWP as well. Nobody outside YLF "knows" what that means.

    To me, and I am also a fairly analytical person (engineer), it is all about having a kind of shorthand to keep me focussed when I am shopping or doing a closet purge - so that I don't go off track.

    Additionally I'm sure that what I mean by Structured Bohemian will change over time too - it won't be static - as I explore my style more.

  • rae replied 7 years ago

    The rest of the world doesn't seem very picky about what a "bombshell" is - the dictionaries just equate it with someone who's surprizingly/amazingly attractive. So maybe the style just goes along with whatever makes you feel super attractive - the waist definition and slim skirts like you said. And then the demure part tempers the physical attractiveness by injecting your style with some of your ladylike personality.

  • rae replied 7 years ago


    Ok, so I just did a Bing image search to basically "poll the planet" and see what the consensus is on the definition of bombshell.

    Natalie, I don't think it's you...

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    How about we call it "Bombshell a la Natalie"?

    I can assure you that the reason UWP is such a perfect style label for me (not wanting to speak for Rae or my other UWP sisters) is that I made the label up myself. It's a complete construct of my feverish demented imagination. Thus, it didn't come with any preconceived notions - rather it was built from the ground up. (Of course, plenty of us here have been on the UWP chariot prior to the label, many far more evolved than me.) In fact, I am fascinated and delighted to see how it has taken of a life of its own and been interpreted and evolved and changed. It's by no means "mine" and I'm honored that people actually use it as a style label.

    Bombshell, on the other hand, is not a term that exists in a vacuum and I think that's why you're struggling. People have to ask what UWP means, whereas everyone in the world has some preconceived idea of bombshell style or persona. And no one outside of YLF knows UWP. Yet. I suppose it could be my contribution to the world someday.

    Please don't let your fab self get frustrated and bogged down in labeling issues. I think it would be much more fun to make up a whole new descriptor just for you - and with your strong amazing style, others will soon join your tribe.

    ETA: I know you've done the infamous "Aida's list". Maybe this would be a good time to revisit it?

  • Meredith1953 replied 7 years ago

    This may not make sense to others but I feel the "labels" of style are simply a shorthand, like a doctor uses for a prescription. Since all the labels are open to interpretation it is whatever you need it to be. I think you look fabulous, feminine and totally polished but whether that is "bombshell" I don't know.

  • Vix replied 7 years ago

    Hi GP --

    Echoing thoughts that it doesn't matter whether anyone else sees "bombshell" in your style as long as you have it as a shorthand for various looks. [Guess what? "Demure" can be interpreted many different ways too.]

    To me the fun is that Demure Bombshell is an oxymoron. I can generally see both in your outfits, and the percentages swing around.

    I also disagree that just because a word has a commonly-held interpretation, one can't claim it. [I agree that one might be best served by understanding how to defend it internally or otherwise, though.]

    I have chosen 3 style categories for ease of dressing and because why not? Each of the three have a word that many people feel strongly about -- classic, minimalist, and bohemian -- and each are paired with a word that helps the phrase mean something TO ME.

    If you were doing the whole Official Style Statement book thing, the first word would represent 80% of your vibe, the latter 20%. But you're not (and I'm not)...and I get more of a kick out of the variances anyway.

    We can all have a friendly debate about what bombshell dressing means and/or what body types can pull it off til the proverbial cows show up for a home-cooked meal. I for one don't mind a good debate!

    But you've already defined what YOU think the definition is, and you're happy implementing it the way you are.

    If that's still not enough, I'd prescribe renting some movies starring Rita, Marily, or Dorothy D -- or keeping up with Dita -- and enjoy spotting what you wear or want to wear!

  • annagybe replied 7 years ago

    Do you really want a two word descriptor for your style? I think for me the most pared down description was bestowed by MaryK, Queen Tough Luxe. My descriptors are edgy, trendy, provocative, with occasional doses of whackadoodle. I don't want to be limited by a narrow focus. I do however know for the most part what works and what doesn't.
    You have a good style. Do the words really matter?

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