Looking for an UWP/RATE bag

I'm realizing that most of my handbags are very structured and ladylike which fits with my primary style. I've been drawn to UWP style more lately, but the only slouchy black bag I have is this Le Sak purse. The lining is torn inside and it's a little small and I'm thinking about asking for or getting another purse (probably black or dark grey) for Christmas. I'd like it to look a little more UWP/RATE...but not too RATE (it still has to go with my outfits!) I saw a studded bag at TJ Maxx, but the spikes were actually sharp and pointy...ouch! I'd like a UWP-ish bag with a touch of polish to still fit with my style...a gateway UWP bag, if you will.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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