WIW 12/13: Casino Disco holiday party (plus recap and K/P)

We had our holiday party last weekend and I did not really know how I was going to dress for the "Casino Disco" theme. I thought I would wear a red satin dress that I had bought a couple of years ago for the holiday party, but ended up not wearing it because they had a Wild West theme. The old pics show how it used to look on me about two years post-baby #2 (16/17), but it doesn't look so hot now post-baby #3 (18-20)--I was really unhappy about the side view! I tried it with Spanx but it wasn't much better. Pretty embarrassing, but I thought I'd post the pics anyways to show you that despite what you may think from my WIWs, my figure hasn't completely bounced back yet (apple dressing to the rescue!) and to ask, should I hang onto this dress for next year or just let it go? Yes I know I do need to start exercising--it's been two years! Despite not dieting or exercising at all, I'm within 3-5 lb of my pre-pregnancy weight at 9 months, which is about where I was the last two times (it took me a year to get back to pre-pregnancy weight both times before). I think if I start doing some exercise videos or situps I could be in better shape, but I wonder if the dress will be dated when (or if) my figure recovers?

Anyhow, onward and upward--I decided to reuse the dress that I got for the Speakeasy 1920's theme fundraiser that DH and I attended last spring (10-11). I figured it was blingy enough to count for casino wear. The decade was kind of wrong for Disco, but I think it was still OK. I wore it with a J Crew necklace and a dragonfly bracelet. I wore the gold Calvin Klein Baishas that Angie recommended. They went well with the dress, but I have to admit my feet were really sore by the end of the night. Not as comfy as the Mary Janes I wore for the 20's party! Fun pics of me and DH, the doctors (including a couple of the retired doctors), and the decorations up on the wall (7-9) One of the nurses drew pictures of all the doctors in disco poses, so funny! They had casino games and dancing and a photo booth (which is why we were all wearing masks). The woman standing next to me is one of the newest doctors in our group. She dresses really nicely--more subdued and upscale/sophisticated than me, I think. Mostly greys, blacks and cream. She has an amazing shoe collection, Louboutins etc. She told me that her dress was from Alice by Temperley...very pretty. We are getting another woman doctor this summer. It will be fun to have more women around--it will be half and half then!

And also, prior holiday party wear:
2012-no theme--I was pregnant and just wore my black lace Bailey 44 so I wouldn't have to buy a maternity dress (fortunately it didn't stretch out permanently!)
2011--Wild West--I was a saloon girl and DH was a gunslinger

Thanks for looking and for your advice!

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  • replied 6 years ago

    I like your disco outfit - looks like you had a great time. As for the post baby body, I would give it more time - I only have 2 and I think it took 2 years to feel back to myself!

  • carambola replied 6 years ago

    First of all, you look gorgeous in the holiday party dress! Love the
    necklace and bracelet too. As for the red dress, it looks pretty classic
    to me, so I wouldn't worry about it being dated next year, but you look
    great now, so if it's making you feel bad, I vote purge. On the other hand, if you have room to store it and it's not taunting you in any way, I might hang on to it. 

  • K. Period. replied 6 years ago

    You do look beautiful!  For the red dress, keep it.  That's a very classic sheath dress with a pretty classic design element with the cut-out.  I don't see it dating.  

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