WIW 2/21-24: Skiing in Tahoe

Last week we went to Tahoe!
1-2. Not much to report since I pretty much wore the same outfit the whole week (long underwear, ski pants and parka). I improvised and wore my kayaking helmet instead of renting a ski helmet. Four-year-old DD went skiing for the first time ever and she really learned quickly--was starting to ski on her own a bit in just a couple lessons! She even learned how to ride the chairlift. We are beginners and haven't been skiing in about 10 years so we were relearning it too.
3. We also took the kids sledding. I'm wearing my trusty red REI fleece jacket, and "vintage" green snow boots (actually, they're DH's old snow boots from when he was a kid!).
4. I don't know if this really counts as "fashion" but I did wear one outfit with a Banana Republic denim shirt, Missoni for Target blouse and rust orange Old Navy Rockstar jeggings. Fit right into the Tahoe crowd with my brown Ugg boots. ;)
5-8. While we were there I bought another lighter weight snow jacket since I was sweltering in my thick red Columbia parka (it was really warm up there). DD picked this one out for me--I like the geometric pattern and the 686 company logo is pretty cool too. I know you may think it looks a little puffy and shapeless on me, but it's pretty comfy and I'd have to drive over three hours to return it, so I think it's a keeper (planning to use it the next time we go up to the snow). :)
By the way, Mo hadn't arrived there yet so I wasn't able to do a YLF meetup. Maybe next time!

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  • replied 12 years ago

    What fun skiing with the family! You all look radiant and happy! And this is the kind of hobby that can be done even when theyre teens, or young adults. I still like going to ski with my brother and dad and mom!

  • replied 12 years ago

    What a fun trip! Cute pictures. I love your 'fashion outfit' in number four. Colorful and fab. So.....they wear ski helmets now? Wow, it's been a long time since I hit the slopes! I'm glad you kept your Uggs, and that they got some respect there, lol. Too bad about missing Mo. I miss her too!

  • MNsara replied 12 years ago

    Lovin' the family sledding photo :-) They're all fun, and it's nice to see snow and sun together!

    Skiing is a great family activity, so it's nice that your little one picked it up too.

  • Meredith1953 replied 12 years ago

    Looks like you are having a blast! I like the jacket with the pattern. I think those are supposed to look roomy!

  • catgirl replied 12 years ago

    Look at your daughter! I love seeing little kids on skis. Fab photos. The jacket looks fine to me - it's gear and it fit the way it should.

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