WIW Fantasy to Reality: Steampunk week

Hi all!
Sorry it's taken me a while to post the results for my Fantasy You challenge:
As per my usual "anything worth doing is worth doing to excess" motto (thanks MsMary!), I did a whole week's worth of fantasy outfits. (And I included a previous outfit because it totally fits with the theme and uses my 4 inch fantasy dragonfly heels.) I really wanted to explore my Steampunk side and see if I could translate it into outfits from my closet that I could really wear for work and MOTG. Now, I can't wear corsets to work, but I could wear a corset trench! And Steampunk MOTG sounds pretty challenging, but I used sunglasses to represent the steampunk goggles. I used a lot of Victorian details like lace, florals, corset, nipped waist/peplum, full skirts, and insects. And included the harder edge of steampunk with dark colors, exposed zippers, studs on bag and shoes (my black studded satchel got quite a workout!), and kick-ass rain boots. I included some inspiration photos. I know that each of these outfits individually don't look very "fantasy" or "steampunk", but it was fun and challenging to incorporate the theme into my normal dressing without looking costumey. What do you think, did I pull it off with this collection? This was fun! Thanks for looking and commenting!

1-2. Corset trench and Victorian rose dress
3. Lace sweater and skirt
4. Lace skirt, zipper top, Victorian lace ankle booties
5-7. My favorite outfit from this challenge--black and white striped flared skirt, zipper top, matching stripe shoes and bracelet. I had a day off and got my first mani/pedi, then went out for a lunch date with DH, and the parking valet guy said, "Are you in the design or fashion industry?" I said, "No, why?" He said, "Because every last detail is perfect from the stripes on your skirt matching your striped shoes and striped bracelet, the zipper on your shirt, and the black and white nails. I've got family in the fashion industry so I can spot someone who knows how to dress well." Best compliment ever!
8-11. Same day as the previous outfit--changed into T shirt and shorts to take the kids to the park! Steampunk MOTG! With spiky thorn bracelet to complement the roses. And the sunglasses have roses etched onto the frame.
12-14. It rained so I busted out my superhero burgundy patent zipper rain boots. With some Victorian filigree earrings, floral shirt and full skirt.
15. Steampunk corset like tank.
16-18. Dragonfly and beetles with my fantasy dragonfly heels.
19-25. Inspiration photos.

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  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    You knew I'd love every single one of these, right????  I ought to put together my own steampunk week one of these days.  I'm amused by how many really similar items we own here.  I have the exact same red corset trench, a different AS dark floral tee, a really similar looking black studded bag, similar Victorian/combat boots, plus various similar shapes and silhouettes.  

    You know, I haven't been doing the Victoriana/steampunk inspiration as much lately as I used to, mainly because I've been so into waist surrendering recently and so much of that look is about the corseted waist, but I'm getting so inspired looking at your more fluid renditions here.  

  • retailgirl replied 7 years ago

    You nailed it! And I love the comment from the valet. I love your style...I'm matchy like you, I try to keep a theme going through each outfit but I don't want it to look costume-y, as you said. You look like someone who cares about how she looks and the elements are subtle and well thought out.

  • thimblelina replied 7 years ago

    I think you did a very subtle & evocative job of blending steampunk elements into your weekly wears. And considering you have three young children, I'm just amazed you are wearing proper 'outfits' period! Hahaha... Tip 'o the top hat to you m'dear.

  • ironkurtin replied 7 years ago

    I am so impressed.  I think you should dress like this all the time.  You look great and like YOURSELF, if you know what I mean!

    What did the hub think?  I know you value his opinion.

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    Ooh. Very educational, Natalie. What jumped out at me as really doing the job were the coats, dark florals, and circus stripes. Particularly on the coats, lace up and a flared coat skirt.

  • Aubergine replied 7 years ago

    Oooooh, gorgeous! I love both the more understated looks and the full-on drama of the blue dragonfly outfit.

    It's interesting how just looking at these as steampunk-inspired outfits gets me to notice little details that I might not have otherwise. Like how the neat, evenly-spaced rows of studs on the black bag seem very industrially inspired.

  • rabbit replied 7 years ago

    Well I love your closet and love this fantasy style, so that was a slam-dunk, but I'm particularly impressed with how you worked it into outfits with a modern sensibility that often seems the antithesis of victorian/steampunk style when I compare the two looks (straight lines instead of curves, waist surrendering instead of figure defining,  minimalism of detail instead of a focus on detail/pattern/texture.)   

    I think my favorites might be 4, 5, and 8, but it's hard to choose!

  • Alassë replied 7 years ago

    What a great compliment, Natalie! 

  • catgirl replied 7 years ago

    I knew you would be the queen of this challenge - between your closet, your imagination and your energy. So much fun!

  • shedev replied 7 years ago

    Great job with the challenge.

  • Caro in Oz replied 7 years ago

    Fab looks & I agree with IK.

  • Jules replied 7 years ago

    Loving it! You might enjoy the steampunk esthetic of the new Cirque de Soleil show, http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/.....fault.aspx.

  • frannieb replied 7 years ago

    I love every single one of your looks and wow you made steampunk totally work appropriate. I agree with everything IK said and think you completely deserved the compliment for that outfit.

  • DonnaF replied 7 years ago

    Wow!  You nailed it!  I am so impressed by your attention to detail.

  • Firecracker replied 7 years ago

    Wow, Natalie, you did it! These looks are all stunning on you, from work to play. I can't choose a favorite, and I can't get over how fabulous you look every. single. day. Amazing!

  • E replied 7 years ago

    Oh! So much to love! Thanks for posting these: you did such a great job incorporating your fantasy self. :D 

  • Karie replied 7 years ago

    You did a fabulous job with the challenge! All outfits are fantastic, and what a nice compliment re the outfit in #5!

  • annagybe replied 7 years ago

    Great run! Impressive.

  • jackiec replied 7 years ago

    I really like how you took the steampunk theme and made it your own. So well done!

  • rute replied 7 years ago

    stunning! You have manage to incorporate your fantasy you in your daily life! 3 and 5 are breath taking!

  • Emily replied 7 years ago

    I'm glad to see those fabulous dragonfly pumps getting worn!  They are so beautiful.  

  • Sara L. replied 7 years ago

    I think you did a great job of incorporating the steampunk theme into everyday outfits.  Usually steampunk is such a costumey look that it's really impressive that you could translate it into work and play outfits.

  • Datura replied 7 years ago

    Love these. The beetle print shirt is so perfectly steampunk...adds the curio-cabinet/ turn of the century naturalist aspect I particularly love that makes it more "steampunk" than just Victorian. I have done a few full on steampunk costumes (one had jewel beetle wings sewn into the bodice) but my normal clothes are usually either too costume-like or too boring. I struggle to get the balance right. This is inspirational...well done!

  • sparlingo replied 7 years ago

    Great job!! These all look very wearable and you seem quite comfortable and stylish :).

    My favourite is the third look with that zippered top and skirt. I'd never think to pair them but it's brilliant!

  • Day Vies replied 7 years ago

    Love #3, 5, 15 and the shoes in #18. I can certainly see where you're influenced by steampunk style in your "real" life. I think #3 is the perfect balance of meshing steampunk fantasy and real life.

  • UmmLila replied 6 years ago

    These are wonderful! I love steampunk. And I am very sorry I didn't buy those dragonfly shoes last year. I was on the fence because of the height and then they were nowhere to be found in my size.

  • trekkiegirl replied 6 years ago

    Oh I love love LOVE all of this!! The corset trench and that blue jacket are amazing. But the dragonfly beetle outfit just blows me away. Love your style!!

  • deb replied 6 years ago

    Natalie, you are so clever. Great job!

  • rachylou replied 6 years ago

    Pretty awesome. #12 really caused me to look twice. I like that one particularly.

  • Echo replied 6 years ago

    This series of pictures is absolutely inspiring, Natalie. You look fabulous at every turn, and I love the way you were able to incorporate the look into your daily aesthetic without looking costumey. LOVE these outfits!

    Oh, and I have always loved your dragonfly heels, so when I saw a pair at the Rack, I brought them home immediately. They aren't comfortable enough to wear for a full day for me, but I absolutely adore them anyway!

  • WitchyD replied 6 years ago

    I loved your Princess Leia and Raiders of the Lost Ark inspired looks. Really cool!

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