WIW 10/19-12/6: My 2nd trimester part 2 lookbook

I have been pretty busy lately with work, hospital call and three kids, so I haven't had time to continue with compiling my pregnancy WIW's, but since there are several more YLF'ers who are expecting I thought I'd better finish up soon! I posted my first trimester lookbook and my second trimester part 1 lookbook (weeks 14-20) previously. (And here was the thread where I announced the pregnancy).

Here is the second half of the second trimester--weeks 21-27, from October to December. This is well into embrace the bump territory. I bought a few key maternity pieces that I wore a lot that fall, including a mustard cowl neck sweater (9, 13, 28, 33) and burgundy maternity skinny jeans (6, 13, 19, 28, 33,37) and Gap Always Skinny maternity jeans (10, 22). I still was able to wear a lot of my old pre-maternity pencil skirts and dresses though...pretty much everything I wore was non-maternity. I kept the skirt waistbands slightly unzipped or hiked them up above my belly. Belts had to migrate from my natural waist to an empire waist, but my demure bombshell persona still felt better having a defined waist, even if it was right under the bust, LOL. Cardigans and coats could still be worn open. I let my sweaters and dresses stretch over my growing belly. Instead of tailored fit, the silhouette became more body-con. Although occasionally I would switch it up with loose-fitting poncho styles (10).

Which are your favorite(s) from this group? I'm partial to the mommy and mini-me polka dot party dresses in 1, the Halloween trio of lil' skeletons in 11, and I definitely had fun doing the Blogger Copycat Challenge while pregnant! Had to adapt and get creative (kind of the motto of my whole maternity dressing, actually) while still sticking to my Demure Bombshell roots (such as 38).

Questions, comments, additional tips for other 2nd trimester ladies much appreciated! Stay tuned for 3rd trimester and 4th trimester (postpartum)!

1-5. Week 21
6-12. Week 22
13-20. Week 23
21-26. Week 24 (including Blogger Copycat Challenge week!)
27-32. Week 25
33-35. Week 26
36-40. Week 27

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  • ramya replied 6 years ago

    Can you be my shopping guide Natalie... Pretty please :)

  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago

    You look great in all of these and your signature style of Demure Bombshell shows through.  I've had a hard time adapting my non-maternity wardrobe to maternity wear.  For several reasons:  One, I'm long waisted so many shirts just aren't long enough when they need to cover a bump too.  I have a hard time finding even maternity tops that are long enough.  Secondly, I'm a rectangle normally and styles like wrap dresses and tops that work well during pregnancy aren't part of my normal wardrobe since they look terrible on me when not pregnant..

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    You wrote the (look)book on pregnancy style!

  • alltumbledown replied 6 years ago

    Love seeing how other women cope with the changing pregnant body. My son is 6 months old, and I have to say I much preferred dressing while he was still inside to postpartum. My favorites are 10, 16 and 20- love how you were able to keep outfits fun and stylish despite (or because of?) your evolving shape.

  • Sylvie replied 6 years ago

    WOW.  Another brilliant set of outfits.  The fact that they are pregnancy outfits just makes them even more incredible.

    I can't comment on all of them so just a few highlights:

    You look super pretty in #15
    #16 was overall my favorite outfit and my favorite way I've seen you style those floral jeans.
    I adore the skirt in #30 (lock it up at night)

    It's particularly interesting to see how the variation in cut and style emphasizes/hides the bump.  You truly do know how to dress your body, no matter the shape.

  • cobaltblue replied 6 years ago

    Wow! I'm with Sara - most of my non-preggo rectangle wardrobe did not work while pregnant. Your apple dressing skills and wardrobe coped so well with dressing a watermelon! You are the master.

    Tumbleddown - I'm trying a dress today with a wrap neckline, and I just can't do it. I look several months pregnant instead of several months postpartum. Back to the closet!

  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Ramya--I'd love to shop with you!
    Thanks Sarah & Becky--pregnancy was one of the only times I've been happy to be an apple! Did you guys end up dressing more like apples or did you keep dressing like rectangles with a bump? I had the same problem with too-short tops in 2nd and 3rd trimester. I coped with it by wearing long maternity tanks under my regular shirts and by hiking up my skirts above the bump so that I was still covered up. It didn't work with pants which is why I spent so much more time in dresses and skirts. (Well, plus I normally prefer dresses and skirts anyways).
    Thanks ATD--I agree, pregnancy dressing was SO much more fun than postpartum! Postpartum was a real challenge!
    Thanks Shevia and Sylvie!

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