WIW 8/14 Homage to Tory Burch Fall 2013: Teal & Burgundy

I've been drooling over the Tory Burch Fall 2013 Lookbook. (The ad always seems to pop up on my sidebar). I just love all the rich colors and textures and pattern mixing. I can't really afford to buy her stuff right now though given all the stuff I bought already (namely Ms. Scarlet and my burgundy leather jacket), so I thought I'd try re-creating the feel of her collection with stuff I already have. What do you think, was I successful?

I know it's quite ALGO, but I think Tory Burch likes to pile on the prints, layers and rich colors and textures like I do, so this felt like a very "me" outfit. It  also has my usual waist definition with the belt and even has my fun whimsical details like the quilted hearts purse. It's still a little warm to be wearing full on fall looks here, but mornings are foggy, so I keep forgetting it's still summer! (Actually, summer is usually colder and foggier than fall around here). I was too excited to wait!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

Lafayette148 burgundy leather jacket
Halogen teal houndstooth cardigan (some of the houndstooth pattern is actually burgundy!)
EmersonMade bees and crowns ivory blouse

Anthro Moss Mills leaf belt
Halogen burgundy tweed skirt
WHBM burgundy and cream bracelet
Clarks brown pumps
Betsey Johnson burgundy quilted hearts satchel.

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  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Wow! Faints with fuchsia crash helmet in her Tory Burch dress! What a stunner. You are on some kind of fashion roll!! I can't believe this is the same woman who posted that amazing mirror T look just a few hours ago. TWO outfits hitting it out of the ballpark and each completely different from the other!

    You did a brilliant job of recreating the rich textures and colours from your very own closet. 

  • Jeanie replied 6 years ago

    You nailed it!  So pretty pairing the burgundy and blues. The purse makes me smile. I have been dying over her Fall collection as well. I want it all...sigh.  I will have to start knitting some electric blue hand warmers like #8.  I have a vintage teal tweed coat that reminds me of this collection.   It needs altered to look more modern but this is the fabric.  You post is inspiring me!

  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Suz! I agree, the big kitty top and this outfit are a bit schizophrenic, LOL. My demure bombshell and shadow UWP personas taking turns, I guess.

    Thanks Jeanie! That looks like a lovely teal tweed coat--hope you get a chance to wear it!

  • RandomThoughts (Andrea) replied 6 years ago

    Oh Natalie, this is super duper! I love all the little details and visual interest. it's a clean silhouette with a lot of up-close detail. Lovely job recreating the feel of TB's lookbook!

    Totally dig it too. Wish I could afford some of those pieces!

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    You look right out of the catalog, Natalie! 

  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Andrea and Rae!
    Wow Andrea, good to hear from you--I've missed you here on the forum lately!

  • cobaltblue replied 6 years ago

    Wow, you nailed this! Now I'm drooling over burgundy, teal, and tweed for Fall!

  • RandomThoughts (Andrea) replied 6 years ago

    Aww, it's nice to be missed. So busy lately... I hope to have more time to read the forum and post soon. Biz has sort of exploded which I guess is good, plus now that baby Regan is not so baby we are involved in many activities.

  • replied 6 years ago

    Looking at all the inspiration photos, I would say you have definitely captured the Tory Birch essence. You've got some fab textures and lovely rich colours in your outfit. Teal and burgundy are fab together. Nice one Natalie!

  • Jules replied 6 years ago

    Thanks for this. I have my eye on some wine booties from Aldo, but was pondering whether I wanted them to determine my fall coat purchase. Now I am thinking I can definitely do a teal coat, it's a colour I love anyway and I have a teal bag too. Houndstooth or tweed would be super sweet. Love the Tory looks and yours too!

  • replied 6 years ago

    I think you really have captured the look using your own pieces. Bravo!

  • Nicole D replied 6 years ago

    Swooning over those colours.  Really nicely put together.  Inspriational!

  • La Belle Demimondaine replied 6 years ago

    Love love love love adore how you've styled this!  You look amazing!

  • nancylee replied 6 years ago

    I'm in love with this color palette...and also in love with how it looks on you, Natalie!

  • Lisa replied 6 years ago

    Gorgeous colors here, I would never have thought to pair burgundy and teal together and it looks great!

  • jengehrt replied 6 years ago

    You really did capture this look! Nice work.

  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago

    You look great and did an amazing job recreating the feel of the lookbook with your own pieces. 

  • karymk replied 6 years ago

    I love maximal looks. This is so perf. You really know what you are doing!

  • unfrumped replied 6 years ago

    Good to see you again! What a fantastic combo of color and texture and just the right pattern mix.

    I love your burgundy jacket--it has been "inspirational " in terms of thinking through what would work with my wardrobe, and I had considered the same for me but thought I should have a collar for my long neck.

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