WIW 9/16-17: Two orange dresses (Una copycat)

I didn't realize this until just now but I wore orange dresses two days in a row!
Yesterday I wore a J Crew origami sheath dress, with turquoise bracelet, shoes and purse. Got lots of compliments on the coral/turquoise color pairing. Today I wore my B44 orange stripe dress and gold OTBT booties to do an Una copycat. Funny anecdote...I came home and kicked off my booties and was playing with DS2. I kept giving him his toys to play with, but instead he kept crawling over to my gold booties to try to grab them. What can I say, he has good taste!

Another funny anecdote...we hired a new female doc recently. She's really nice and it's great to not be the only woman doc in our group anymore. At first I was curious to see how she would dress and wondered if we would get compared a lot (I kind of have a reputation amongst the nurses/staff of being a fashionista...they are always commenting on my clothes). But then she always tends to dress in very simple monochromatic outfits like a grey sheath dress, or a white button down shirt layered under a black sheath dress, so I haven't really been paying too much attention to her outfits. Plus I've been super busy these last few weeks. But yesterday she was wearing a grey sheath dress and she had left her grey suede heels at the computer workstation (she wore clogs into the procedure room) and I happened to take a peek to see what brand the shoes were...Christian Louboutin! Well well well! She's a stealth fashionista! And today she was wearing some turquoise peep toe wedge shooties. Hmm, now it's going to be a lot more fun around here--we can talk shoes in addition to talking shop! Her style kind of reminds me of IK if she were to work in a business office setting...clean lines, minimalist, monochromatic, not something that calls attention to yourself but high quality if you know what you're looking at. Whereas my style seems to be more loud and bright and matchy matchy and statementy and attention getting (although that's not reflective of my personality...I'm fairly introverted!). Hopefully I won't feel too cheap and gimmicky in comparison, LOL!

Good news...today I just ordered a pair of shoes online and a purse from eBay that I'm really excited about! Can't wait to get them and wear them with one of my favorite dresses...they will be the perfect match! Hoping to replace a pair of shoes and purse that aren't as comfortable or functional. I really want to post pics, but I don't want to spoil the surprise before my K/R. Though I'm sure you can probably guess what I bought! Bad news is I'm going to have to be on SYC...who knows how long...mabe I can aim to go for a month? SYC always makes me want to shop more, so instead of declaring an official SYC I'll just leave it as I will try not to shop for a while!

Thanks for looking and commenting!
1-2. J Crew origami sheath dress in poppy
Tommy Bahama turquoise tile bracelet
Kate Spade High Line Leica turquoise jeweled clutch
Kate Spade Shelly turquoise pumps
Turquoise peacock iPhone
3. Bailey 44 orange tiered stripe dress
Forever 21 bronze & orange bracelet
Alexis Bittar orange leopard pendant
Fossil vintage floral satchel
OTBT gold booties


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Anyone else struggle with capsules? I just can't do it!

I always love Angie's and other YLFers' capsule posts, and the Redbook mix and match capsules. That was one of my first posts, talking about doing a Redbook capsule challenge...well I never got around to doing it! After reading Angie's fall capsule post, I was all excited to try it in my own closet. I wasn't able to come up with a cohesive set of items that all worked together and that all passed my "feels like me" test. I can come up with lots of outfits, but just one at a time. The outfits are all different and each one needs specific accessories to go with it. I think the problem is I love color and patterns, and I do some pattern mixing but not all colors and patterns can go with each other. And I'm more into matchy matchy than mix and matching. I like to evolve a "perfect" version of each outfit rather than mixing things up just for the sake of mixing. I get bored if I'm limited to just a few subtle neutrals. This is why I can't do Vivienne Files or other minimalist capsules. And this is why my closet is so huge and chaotic looking! Well, it's organized, but a big riot of color and pattern.

I thought when I got pregnant I would pare down and do a maternity capsule. Well, no, I just ended up using my old clothes and buying stretchy stuff and still didn't dress in capsules. The closest I've come to a real capsule is to buy a bunch of Tommy Bahama clothes in similar colors, that could serve as a travel capsule. I think that's the only time I really need to dress in capsules, because I can only bring so much stuff when I'm travelling.

I sure wish I could learn to think better in capsules--maybe it would help me get dressed faster in the morning! Any tips from you capsule masters? Or should I just let it go and chalk it up to personality differences and embrace my method?


K/R Angie's picks: Dolce Vita Giya red pointy loafers and Dorothy Perkins white moto

Here are two of Angie's picks--the Dolce Vita Giya red pointy loafers and the Dorothy Perkins white floral jacquard moto jacket. Let me know what you think of them and whether I should keep or return! Thanks so much! Bonus--DS2 and kitty Max decided to help me with the K/R shots.

1-3. Giya red loafers. Looking for a pair of bright red flats or low heels to match my purse. Not sure if these are too pointy and masculine too work for my style? Wondering if they're making my feet look long too (#3). They would mostly be worn with skirts and dresses...I think these shoes might go better with pants. I'm a little unsure on these and leaning toward return.

4. DS2 loves to teethe on Ms. Scarlet!
5. My current Stuart Weitzman red ballet flats--a little too burgundy to match well with the purse.
6-13. DP white moto. Size 6 which matches the bust/hip size on their chart. It's slightly snug around the waist when zipped up, but that's because I'm an apple (if I went by their waist size on the chart, I'd have to get a size 12!!!). I normally wear a size 4 in jackets and 6 in dresses if that helps. I'd mostly be wearing this unzipped. Kind of Spiegel-ish, but in white cloth! The sleeves are a little wrinkled from the package, didn't have a chance to steam them yet. #13 shows the closeup of the pattern. Leaning toward keeping if you think it looks good on me.

Thanks for your input!


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WIW 9/13: Quadruple lemming! And not again--poor DD!

I have been so super busy the past couple of weeks. I am so behind in WIW's--lots I wanted to share but never had time with work, call, school starting, and the baby being super fussy and waking up all night. So I'll just start with today and work my way backward later if I have time!

Wearing Rae's Spiegel lemming jacket with her Brahmin bag, Angie's VC
striped tube skirt and Una's gold OTBT booties to top it off. Quadruple
lemming! Thanks Rae and Una and Angie for the inspiration!

I fell hard for Rae's (and Una's and Marley's) Brahmin bag, especially since I had the perfect matchy matchy skirt to wear with it! Someone had to do the matchy matchy and you know it had to be me! :) I LOVE this Brahmin bag. Very Kate Spade-ish. The details are so interesting--the croc texture is just divine. I see what Rae meant about wanting to pet her bag all day. And the lining is very soft and well made. Ms. Scarlet has a new friend!

I thought about doing a K/R on the booties, but then decided I am keeping them and just wore them anyways. The metallic gold is burnished so it's not too bright/over the top. The footbed is nicely padded and the heel height is not too high. My feet fit perfectly so I didn't have to wear socks, but I think wearing it with no-show socks would work too. I know Rae had trouble with sweaty feet in these--I did notice a slight bit of clamminess at the ankle but my feet weren't sweaty. I have skinny ankles (9") and maybe have a bit of flowerpot syndrome in the closeup side view (5), but not noticeable from the front and it's nothing compared to usual (like those Munro booties!). So there you have it--I totally second Una's recommendation for these...so comfy! These are going to be hospital workhorses for me. Like wearing Dansko clogs, but more stylish. Oh, and I found out OTBT stands for Off the Beaten Track. Cool!

Mini-updates on the kiddos. DD is 6 and just started 1st grade. Unfortunately DD was rolling down a grassy hill and twisted her arm in a funny way and hurt her elbow. They couldn't tell on the X rays if it was broken or not--they think probably not, but because of the location at the growth plate they decided to be conservative and put her in a cast for 3 weeks. Poor DD! Not again! (She broke her clavicle last year and was in a sling for 6 weeks, same arm). And I had just signed her up for gymnastics. So the gymnastics and swimming lessons are on hold. Hopefully she gets her cast off, the day before we go to Hawaii. Otherwise she is going to be very upset if she can't swim there! Just wanted to point out her love of extreme pattern mixing--ikat dress plus floral jeans plus strawberry shoes. She always chooses her own outfits. And love her selection of cobalt blue with neon green stripe for her cast. She's got her own sense of style already!

DS1 is 3.5 and is doing well in preschool. He's such a sweetie pie. Here's a pic of him canoeing with daddy.

DS2 is 6 months now and almost crawling--he does a combination of rolling and army crawl to scoot across the room. He can grab everything--I need to clean up the house and baby proof! Unfortunately I found out the hard way that he has an egg allergy (he started waking up every hour at night screaming and developed a rash after I ate an omelette), and now I remembered that he did have a mild reaction on his skin tests to dairy, soy and egg. So now my diet is even more restricted. Gah! Makes it so tough to eat, especially when we go out! But good news, we just started solids (avocado and squash so far). The kids are having lots of fun feeding him!

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW 9/4 Safari dress and boots: is this look timeless?

In my mind this is a fairly timeless outfit...I could imagine someone wearing it in the 1970's as well, and it's not super trendy so I don't think I'll get tired of it quickly. This dress is two years old but I still got lots of compliments on it! How long do you think I can wear this outfit before it becomes dated? If you do think it will become dated, what part of it do you think will date first? Just pondering fashion shelf life...I tend to hang on to things I like for years and years! I have this Jessica Howard safari print dress (#4) from the 90's that I still wear even this year (worked while I was pregnant too), but I think the empire waist and keyhole date it a little bit.
H&M safari dress
Linea Pelle belt
Fossil vintage satchel
Frye Melissa lace-up boots
F21 bracelet
Alexis Bittar orange leopard pendant


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Gah! Kate Spade red patent Mary Janes! Talk me in or out!

I've been looking for a pair of bright red pumps to go with Ms. Scarlet. I really want these Kate Spades! Right up my style alley! But they're 3 1/2 inches! These are probably too high of a heel, right?
I also found these Cole Haans. #2 is 2 3/4 inch with a 1/2 inch platform. #3 is probably a more practical height  (2 inches) but I'm worried it will be too dark of a color. And they don't excite me like #1 (ooh, gold heel and studded buckle!), but they would probably be much more comfortable. And they're cheaper.
Should I go for any of these, or keep looking? Any other suggestions? I prefer closed toed, a strap is nice too.


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WIW 8/28 Red polka dot + jeans: rockabilly or hillbilly?

Just catching up, haven't had a chance to post in a while. Work has been crazy, I've been on call four weeks out of the last two months. They have been piling up a full schedule of outpatient cases on me on top of my inpatient cases/rounding and phone calls to patients, so sometimes I don't even have a chance to pump all day (ouch!). Then I get home and feed and bathe and brush the kids and put them to bed around 8:30 (it takes that long to get all three in bed!). I usually fall asleep right after because I'm so tired, but then DS2 is waking up anywhere from 2-5 times a night to nurse or from reflux and DS1 is waking up 1-2 times a night because he's scared or wants me to fix his bedcovers. I am SO TIRED! Finally have a day off (yay!) but I have to pack because we're away this weekend. Anyhow, I just need a little break, so here are some outfits!

This is just a casual MOTG outfit with red polka dot top and boyfriend jeans. I was going for more of a vintage pinup/50's rockabilly/Betty Boop/Rosie the Riveter vibe (8-13). But when I wore this DH said he didn't like this shirt and started calling it the "hillbilly" shirt and said it was the kind of shirt they wear on Hee Haw (13). LOL! What do you think--rockabilly or hillbilly? And do you like it better tucked or untucked? Bonus pics of me taking DS to school!

H&M red and white polka dot blouse and triple heart necklace (for my 3 kids)
Kut Catherine slim boyfriend jeans
Worishofer red sandals
Chanel Ms. Scarlet
WHBM red snakeskin belt


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Help! K/R: Blue snakeskin pointy kitten heels

Hello! Sorry I've been super busy the last week, but finally have a day off. I'd love to know what you think of these blue snakeskin pointy kitten heels. I've been looking for a replacement for my White House Black Market ink blue snakeskin Mary Jane pumps. They are just too high and too stiletto heeled to be comfortable to wear for a full day at work. I really love them, but I never wear them because I feel slightly unstable--I'm afraid I'll trip and twist my ankle as I'm rushing around at work and between office and hospital. But it's really hard to find blue snakeskin pumps with a lower heel! I found these after much online searching--what do you think? I won't go into where I got them or price just yet, but these have to be stellar for me to keep. They seem like they will be all-day work shoes based on how they feel at home. Just wondering if you think they're too pointy and will become dated? (I actually had two very similar suede extreme pointy kitten heels in black and brown from Banana Republic that I purged a few months ago because they were >15 yr old and worn, but now pointy is back in!) And is the color too light for the outfits I'm considering? I also see the slight wrinkling on the instep, but I don't think that's noticeable from far away. Thanks in advance for your advice!


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